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The online texts on this site allow readers to study four different versions of D H Lawrence's Odour of Chrysanthemums and trace the development of this celebrated short story, set in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire and based on Lawrence's experience of working-class life around Brinsley Colliery.

Three of the texts have been converted to electronic text format. The fourth is provided as digital image, this is the original proof with markings by Lawrence.

Along with the texts themselves, we offer supporting materials for general readers, researchers and students at all levels which help both to guide your work with these fascinating texts, and to introduce the many different areas of study involved.

We are particularly grateful to the English Subject Centre, a part of the Higher Education Academy, for all their help and support in conceiving, designing and delivering this site. An article about the project is published in the April 2010 issue of their magazine, Wordplay.

Use the menu on the left, or use these links to explore the main sections of the site:

Read different versions of the text
See the three versions of the text, enhanced with line-numbers and footnotes
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Compare different versions of the text
Examine the different versions side-by-side and interact with the text to identify changes
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Work with the different versions of the text
Suggested frameworks for further research
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Critical materials
Four essays analysing the development of this short story
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Further materials
Analysis of Lawrence's use of Eastwood/Erewash Valley dialect, map of the Eastwood area and photographs that provide a context for Lawrence's story
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The project to provide footnotes and detail the changes between versions is still under way. We welcome any feedback, whether about the texts, the analysis or the website itself. See our main website for how to contact us.


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